Monday, September 3, 2012

Manicure Monday- the first of Many!

So I decided I needed to put something up once a week, a theme if you will.

I own well over 200 nail polish colors. Mostly OPI, some Wet N Wild, Orly, you name it, and if it's a readily available brand in the US, I probably own one or two colors from the brand.  With the exception of some of the high end brands.  I do own a couple of Este Lauder colors, but really, who needs to pay $17 for a bottle of polish? (please note, I paid like $3 a bottle) Not me, but thanks!

I decided on Manicure Monday, I paint my nails on Sunday night anyways, in preparation of the work week, so by Monday, my nails usually have the extra polish on my flesh washed away.  This week because of the holiday, I painted them a little earlier, and then washed them down really well.

So today, in order to show off my new fancy schmancy ring, I chose to go pretty subdued.

This year my New Year's Resolution was to always paint an accent nail. A nail that was different than the others.  I chose my ring finger this year for that purpose, and have been able to keep this resolution thus far.

I used OPI white and a holographic OPI topcoat for the tips and over the ring finger a few times.

Turns out my hands look really wrinkly.  Wonder why.  I'm only 31, so they shouldn't look that bad.. maybe I am just being hard on myself. :)

Do you have a New Year's Resolution?  Were you able to keep it?  We are almost done with this year, my other New Year's Resolutions were to try one new recipe per week on average (doing okay on that one) and to wear earrings everyday (haven't kept that one).

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