Monday, December 31, 2012

Manicure Monday : New Years

I am going to go to my friend's house tonight for New Years. She actually told me there is a 'no sequin' rule. I am not sure that I will be following it though... We will see.

I am not that impressed with my nails. The 2013 is good, but the paint drip thing- not the best, and it wasn't completely dry by the time I showered, so it smushed and I had to re-flatten it.

In other news, my resolutions for the year were simple: paint an accent nail every time I paint them (failed on this the week of Christmas, and Thanksgiving), wear earrings everyday- I did improve over last year at least, and the last one was to try, on average one new recipe per week. Which I did. I had started out the year by posting them on the facepage, but then my mate's aunt seemed to think we were in competition, which took the fun out of it. But based on photos I have on my phone, and recipes I remember, I made about 54 new recipes. So, that was successful! :)

I am still working on resolutions for 2013, have you figured out yours? Please share!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Manicure Monday : Steal My Heart

Well, I went to the Dentist today. That was fun.  I haven't been to the dentist in 4 or so years.  I have cavities. Too many.  And I need to schedule to have a deep cleaning instead of just a regular 6 month check up cleaning.  So that will be more fun.

My little nephew also had surgery today.  He had his tonsils and adenoids removed, and his tubes replaced.  He is 2.5 years old. He seemed okay when I visited him, we watch some Madagascar 3, and played with his dinosaurs, and I brought some coloring pages.  He should be fine, other than eating soft, like, runny foods for 10 days.  Poor kid, and over the holidays too.  I am watching him on Saturday as his dad is going out the night before, and won't necessarily be in baby watching condition while my sister is at work.

Either way, for this fun filled day, I painted the nails with a steel gray polish, and painted an itty bitty heart on my accent nail.
Do you have any plans for the holidays?  Christmas is next week already!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fast Food Breakfast - At Home!

The hubster went holiday shopping last night, and decided to swing through the grocery store. Which is nice, but he went without a list, or an idea of what he wanted to eat for the week. We have proteins, but need the sides, and other items to make it into a meal. He sees that we need food.

I re-arranged the fridge after he through his haul in there, and saw he picked up some Kraft single slices, in addition to 3 packs of cheddar slices. Clearly he is in love with cheese.

I woke up this morning, and turned on my CBS Sunday Morning, I think they adequately covered the school shooting, wasn't appreciative of their choice about needing to ban all the guns.. But we are allowed to have our own opinions. I was hungry and remembered that I had a package a Everything Bagels in the fridge that I bought a week or so ago because I wanted one. And thought- hey he bought some ham luncheon meat, and those Kraft singles- PERFECT for a breakfast bagel sandwich!!

Once the hubster crawled out of bed, I asked if it interested him, he said yes, so I hopped to it! He eats about double what I do, so I doubled his meat. We got lucky, because there were only 2 eggs in the fridge. Not really sure what we are going to eat for the week.. guess I will put him on meal plan duty for the week.

Do you and your mate have a similar problem?

I fried up a couple of eggs in a silicone egg mold, and fried up some ham slices, unwrapped some kraft singles and put it all on toasted, buttered bagels, sprinkled a little garlic powder and ¡VIOLA! Magic fast food breakfast!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Manicure Monday : Christmas Tree

For this week, I decided to try out the Christmas tree thing that I've seen a fair amount on Pintrest.

Mine didn't turn out as cute as some of the others I have seen, but, they are all right.

Just a few more weeks left of this year, and this is probably one of the only New Year's resolutions I have kept.

The other one that I may have kept, is to try a new recipe once a week, which would be 52 recipes..
I will have to go through my phone photos to see if I did it.. I might have though.. :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Manicure Monday : Snowman!

My finger nails aren't very long right now. I had originally wanted to have a 3 ball snowman, but he looks okay with just the two.

I used some if those nail art metal sticks. I bought them on eBay some time ago. They seem to work pretty decent.

Before the sticks, I would use a dried out pen, or a toothpick. It's kind of nice to have the metal ones though.

Hope you like!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits!

I stumbled upon this recipe today, as I was wondering if I should make regular biscuits or something more super fantastic with our Pot Roast made in the crock pot.

I took a poll on the face page, and consensus was that I should make the cheddar bay off the Internet.

They were actually pretty close. I am sure if I had the required amount of Bisquick, or cheddar, they would have been spot on!

Here is the link!

Have you ever made a copy cat recipe and it turn out fantastic?
Do tell!!