Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween out there! 

As an adult, I like it more, but usually just for the Halloween Parties!  The ones I attend, generally have a lot of alcohol.

This party, however, was for work, and I needed to bring something appropriate.  One Pot Luck item that I enjoy the most, is Spinach dip and Hawaiian Rolls.  Super simple, and people will generally eat it all gone.  Today was no different.

I bought the rolls, and cut them up into squares, and then I came up with brilliant idea to use a French roll as the body for a mummy, and then you could dip into his stomach!  I couldn't get the head idea to work out well, I chopped it up, but I never cut all the way through, so there was the opportunity to salvage it!!

I took 5 connected paper towels and cut them into long strips, and used those as the strips around him, and just colored with permanent marker for the eyes.  I think he turned out pretty good.
Spinach Mummy Dip
To help me get in the Halloween Spirit, with out dressing up, I cut up my fiance's shirt, based on something I saw on Pintrest.  He wasn't the most thrilled, but I bought him a package of muscle shirts last week, and this was an old one that had a tiny hole in it anyway.  Boys can be such babies.

I wore the muscle shirt over a black button down, the front I left plain, and just wore some long heavy black and silver necklaces. I didn't take a good photo of my hair, or make up, but the hair was pinned in a kind of a mohawk fashion, and I had heavy black eye makeup on.  It was a little interesting when one of my boss' (yes, I have two. It's super fun - not.) came by and was 'Whoa.. I am going to have to get used to this look.'

Here is a photo of my shirt from the back:
Aside from the bad blurry photo, you can kind of see my wedding dress hanging in a long clear bag, it has an apron over it so, even if the fiance does happen to come into my dressing room, he can't see the top, or really any of the details of it.

What do you think of the dip or the shirt?  I could have probably done a little better, if I wasn't already late heading out of the door, and cutting last minute.

Do you do anything, as an adult without children for holidays?  I would love to hear below!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Manicure Monday : Spooky Eyes

It's the week of Halloween!

And with that in mind, I painted my nails black, I had seen on Pintrest these cute little googly eyed guys, and I knew I wanted to recreate them!  The original pin was from the Icy Nails blog.

It's pretty basic.  Use a pen/pencil/toothpick, or anything with a tip, and put a large dot of the white. Once that is dry, then go back with a smaller tipped item, and put a little black dot on it to make the pupil.  Then, seal it with a topcoat!

Hope you enjoyed. Check out Icy Nails' blog, and if you tried it, let me know! I would love to share your photos!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Manicure Monday : Purple Glitter

Hello Hello Hello!!!

Are you ready for this?! No? 

Well, you better get off my page man.

So, today we are sporting a fantastic purple manicure, with a fantastic glitter polish, looking pretty snazzy, right?!

Hope you like it!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bachelorette Party!

I am officially down to the very last month of my engagement. Yes, my short engagement that has lasted, a little over a month. (more about that here.)

And so, in keeping with tradition (because I am completely traditional) my sister suggested a Zombie Pub Crawl!

In her mind/idea she thought we would all dress up as brides, in my mind, I would dress up as a bride, and everyone else would have brides' maid dresses on.  I couldn't find a bride's dress at any of my favorite thrift shops, and ended up wearing a more brides maid dress.  Little sister wore a white summer type dress, and her friend (well, a family friend really)- wore one of her older sister's wedding dresses. 

I made a Zesty Italian Crock-Pot Chicken, I found it through Pintrest, but here is a direct link to the blog I pinned it from.  It was easy to make, I used 6 breasts instead of 4, and put the raw chicken in the freezer for about 20 minutes and pulled it out, cut it up into 1/2 cubes, and followed it the rest of the way.  I made bow tie pasta like the blogger did as well.  It fed us all, and there were leftovers too.  There were a couple of dips, and crackers and veggies out too.  But this was the main bit of sustenance for us all.  From what I remember, it was pretty tasty!  I would make it again, I think I would add a little milk at the end to make it a little runnier, but, well, I had a lot of 'Pimp Juice' by the time it was ready, and wasn't the best hostest at that time.

Little sister's friend made what she called 'Pimp Juice' and brought that.  Well, let me just tell you.  I don't remember much.  I do know the Fiance drove 4 of us down and we jumped out, and one of my best friends drove and brought 3 with her.

I also remember that I biffed it off a curb, (to my defense, it was dark, and the curb was curved, everyone was waiting to board buses to leave Zombie Island, and I didn't see that I was halfway on/off the curb), I also remember, that at the end of the night, we were trying to get a cab, a van pulled up, people piled out, and I was like, c'mon ladies, I got us a cab, and the lady in the van, looks at me and was pissed, and said - 'Get out of my van, this is not a taxi!'  I am a happy friendly drunk, and was like - 'Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry.' And then started in to my reasoning why I jumped in, as my sister and friend pulled me out.

Either way, here is a photo of our un-dead crew.  As you can see, we had a pretty good drinking crew.
The 'Un-Dead'
This is a picture of my two best friends at Zombie Island, and myself on the right.  The girl in the middle and a better photo of her in the lower right, she did all of our scabs. She did a really good job.  :)

Oh, and the most annoying thing of the night?  DMX didn't show up.  So rude, and they were the ones I really wanted to see. 

How was your Bachelorette Party?  Did you sit around and have high tea?  I am heading back to the couch to sleep the rest of this off.

*18NOV Update*
We set a world record that night!  Pulled from the Guinness Book of World Records site:
Record Title: Largest gathering of zombies
Attempt Text: The largest gathering of zombies involved 8,027 participants and was achieved by Zombie Pub Crawl (USA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 13 October 2012.

Record Title: Largest gathering of zombies
Attempt Text: The largest gathering of zombies involved 8,027 participants and was achieved by Zombie Pub Crawl (USA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 13 October 2012.

Record Title: Largest gathering of zombies
Attempt Text: The largest gathering of zombies involved 8,027 participants and was achieved by Zombie Pub Crawl (USA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 13 October 2012.

Record Title: Largest gathering of zombies
Attempt Text: The largest gathering of zombies involved 8,027 participants and was achieved by Zombie Pub Crawl (USA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 13 October 2012.

Record Title: Largest gathering of zombies
Attempt Text: The largest gathering of zombies involved 8,027 participants and was achieved by Zombie Pub Crawl (USA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on 13 October 2012.
And I think I read somewhere that DMX did show up, but really late, and I guess they were rude about how many white people were there.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TC10Mile, ugh.

First, let me start out with, that was dumb.

I hated it, just about every mile after 5.  I have completed the 10k, and I have finished plenty of 5K's.  But this one sucked butt.

For real.  Yes. I will never do a 10 Mile ever again.  I honestly haven't run that much since the 10K.  I completed the 10K and the 10Mile with the same lady, whom I greatly adore.  I also completed the Color Run in July with her too.

For the 10 Mile, we walked, jogged and walked some more.  From Minneapolis, to St. Paul.  No thanks, next time, I will just jump in my car, catch a bus, or take a cab if I ever need to get from the Metrodome to the State Capital.  For the record, it is also not the shortest distance to the Capital.  I am almost sure of that.

But, I completed it.

I also received my very first medal!! That was exciting too!!

And because my friend is such a good socializer (I am not) she scored us a couple of passes to the special Medtronic Tent.  After we finished, we grabbed our shirts, and our medals, and headed over to the tent for some refreshments, they had sandwiches, and water, coffee (it was darn cold - it was SUPER windy too) and we got some sacks to put our loot in.  While we were there, they awarded the 1st place for men's, women's, and Marathon runners.  Literally like 10 feet away from where we were standing, trying to soak up some sun. So that was kind of cool.

Here is a mash up of some of my photos - notice the hat? My gloves were in my pockets. 

And this is right before the finish line, like literally 30 yards before I was done. Ugh. Again, never will I ever do another 10 Mile.

Have you ever signed up for something that you perhaps should have prepared a little better for?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bunny Butt Cake!

Today is my former neighbor's birthday party.  I used to be, I swear as creepy as it sounds, best friends with her when she was 3, and I was like 13.  So weird.  She turns 21 today.  This is also my Fiance's best friend's little sister.  His best friend is the reason why we met. Or well, more specifically, his best friend's parents are the reason why we met, since they bought the house there 20 years ago.. Or maybe I should thank my mom's parents for building said house 40 years ago?  Another day.

Today we celebrate her birthday.  She is a HUGE animal lover, has an indoor bunny rabbit, which she is madly in love with. Her rabbit is potty trained, and they have a liter box and every thing.

I had seen a bunny butt cake on Pintrest. A long time ago - you know, Easter time.  But I really wanted to make one!  And now I had a reason!

I pretty much followed the recipe directions on the Betty Crocker website.  I didn't use any marshmallows, I made muffins for the tail and feet.  I didn't do any ears for my bunny friend.  I used a bake and fill cake pan for the body.

To frost my friend, I slathered on the canned vanilla frosting, and just tapped it with a butter knife to make the peaks.  I took a little of the white frosting and tinted it pink with food coloring to make the feet.  I mean, the girl is turning 21, she should be drunk by the time I show up anyways.

What do you think?
As you can see, I probably should have done a crumb layer.  I also should have planned ahead, and decided to make this yesterday, so I could have picked up the eggs and frosting before 10am today.

I don't plan on staying at the party very late tonight, I have a 10Mile run tomorrow.  So, I will make an appearance, and head to bed at my dad's house, and get up at what.. 5 am?  ugh.  Why am I doing this tomorrow?!