Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Words for Wednesday : Doctor visit

I have been going to the same doctor since childhood, which I know is strange.

You see, when my mom first went when she was pregnant with my older sister she happened upon Dr. Vincent, he was doing his internship then.  She immediately fell in love with the fact that she felt like he actually listened to her, and addressed her concerns instead of pushing her out after the allotted 15 minutes.

Which is why all of her appointments last 45 if its a 15 minute appointment and an hour if it is a half hour appointment.

But I like him, and he knows ALL my family history, so I do not have to go through it, which is good, because I do not know it.

I went in, we had out appointment for my girly exam, was on the scale, was incredibly saddened by the number being 10lbs heavier than my wedding day, but decided to chalk it up to having ate and drinking beer before showing up, as I had just been out getting a pedicure and dinner with my little sister for her birthday.

So we left for the weekend, and when I checked the mail on Monday I was surprised to see a letter from the Dr.'s office already, because I had him test me for everything (like always).

I open it up, and it was a referral to speak with the nutritionist based on my BMI.


I have been consistently netting around 1250 calories a day for 3 weeks, going to the gym 3/4 times a week, and I have nothing to show for it.

Well, I have this piece of paper that says I really need to do something about this mess I have ate my way into.

I think it is an auto referral, he didn't have his signature anywhere on it.  I would hope he would say something to me while I was in there.. Bleh.

How do you stay motivated after a blow to your face?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Manicure Monday : On Her Majesty's Secret Service-OPI

This week I wanted a darker color, but thought I should not go too dark, and figured that if it sparkled, then it would be acceptable.  
I am not completely sold on this color though.

In the bottle it looks like there should be a little more purple in it, but they almost look to be a denim color.  But, I will wear it out.

How often does this happen to you?  Where you have a color you want to wear, and it turns out to be a little off?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Running : 5K Challenge!

So I have completed the 3rd week of the Ease into 5K - C25K app on my phone.  Continuing onto the idea that I would like to be able to 'run' for 30-45 minute stretches with out dying, on a regular basis.

I didn't die, and it wasn't the worst thing in the world either. 

After running the 11.29 min mile, I would have to say it at least helped me to push through and run the 3 minute intervals, because I had to have 'run' for 5 minutes at least once, I mean, when I did the TC1Mile last week, I didn't stop running until I had hit the 1/2 mile marker.

I think doing the BodyWorks Plus Abs (mind you, I always step out of the Abs portion, only because I need to get home and get ready for work) helps a bit.  In the class you use hand weights (2.5, 5 or 7.5 lb) and do a lot of reps. 

The Thursday morning class is growing on me.  Yesterday she talked about how she makes us do about 100 reps per muscle move, and how high reps/low weight will help give muscle tone/definition.  She said the other option is to do high weights, and significantly lower reps.  Sometimes I think that would be nicer.

As I was sifting through the Internet blogs on my lunch hour, I came across a Virtual 5K Challenge on the blog page of KTJ Weighing In, and figured, why not?

button   button

I mean, really, I am doing the Hal Higdon C25K training program(again) anyways.  It happens on June 1st, which is a Saturday.  And I am hoping that while we are camping over Memorial Day, that I will go for a trail run or two, I wake up earlier than most, and plan on not drinking and staying up to all hours of the night, and that should help a little endurance training - right?  And allegedly we will be going on 'hikes' as a group.

I am a little apprehensive of the camping as well, mainly because, well, it is all picnic food! Pasta salads, creamy salads in general, chips, crackers, candy, bacon, eggs, pancakes, buns, you know, the tasty stuff that I have a hard time saying no to! 

I am hoping to bring a fair amount of veggies, fruit, and of course meat choices - chicken, steak, and skipping hot dog night.  Well, that's the other thing, no one plans anything with this camping crew (the Hubster's family and close family friends). 

There will be 8-10 children, depending on if his brother's 1st child from another lady comes, and if all the people make the outing too.  That is a lot of kids, and one brother, is notorious for not having enough food (in general) to feed his family.  At home they must eat like birds, but when in front of others, all bets are off.

What do you do to try to plan ahead for food/exercise challenges?.

P.S. If you are interested in signing up for the Virtual 5K Challenge - go to KTJ's Post, maybe she will let us in even though it might be 'closed'.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

ULTA Hair Event!

I used to work for ULTA - Many moons ago now.  I love the store!  I just didn't love the hours of a Retail Manager.  Among other gripes.

Every year ULTA has different promotions go on.  21 Days of Beauty where they feature different make up brands and do mini make-overs every day, and you get free sample (some times full or deluxe size) products.

Current Promotion they are running is the Love your Hair Event.  A 21 Day Celebration of hair from May 12th - June 1st at an ULTA store near you!  As with all of their events, this one includes hair events, demos, prizes and free samples.

Yes, I get their mailers, I am a club card holder (you shoudl be too - it's free and you get 'rewards'), but I generally glaze over them. However, I was reading The HONEYBEE Blog yesterday, and came across her post about a Sweepstakes/giveaway! A $100 gift card to ULTA?  Yes, PLEASE!  I have some stuff I have been meaning to pick up there!

On her blog post she talks about loving her CONAIR Big Curls hot roller set.  I have that one.  Well, and older version of it (purple), and to be honest, I am not a fan. Part of my problem is that I don't like the foam around the rollers.  I like a nice flocked heated roller.  Or even better, I would prefer to use my hot iron to make big waves (or little ones too!).

Remmington Flocked Rollers, purchased at ULTA
I will say this though, it is convenient to throw hot rollers in and tie a bandanna or scarf around your head, do your make-up, have a bit of breakfast, do whatever, take them out real quick and go!  I put the bandanna on only because sometimes I am cleaning up and moving around and would like to keep them in place. In her post she said she uses the clamp clips, and I have thought about using those, but I just don't care enough to go buy them.  I mean, like I said, I would just rather grab my hot iron.

What I do want to try, is a Dry Shampoo, and The HONEYBEE Blog she talks about Schwarzkopf's Dust It, maybe I try that one out.  Looks like I missed the super awesome sale for it on Tuesday.  Bummer.  Check out the other events here though. Scroll partway down.  I think I might take advantage of the FREE Redken Diamond Oil 5 Carat finish as part of their Salon Events.  Maybe I will just see about getting a full condition

If you have $20 to spend, I suggest taking advantage of the wash/dry/style deal they have going on on Fridays during the event.  I swear that is my favorite part of a haircut.  I decided a few years ago that most people probably like it, because it is sort of a comfort thing.  Which I also decided stems from being a child, where everyone is always rubbing your head. 

I mean think about it, you are swaddled, and people want to touch that bald or very fine baby hair, or kiss your head, or when you are walking buy people pat you on the head.  It makes sense to me anyways.

Let me wrap up this post by giving you a piece of unsolicited advice.  Do NOT use a freaking brush on your hair.  Unless absolutely necessary. And when I say necessary, I mean, you are finishing up blow drying your 60% dry hair with a round brush.  I do not brush my hair.  People visit our house and have forgotten theirs, and ask to borrow mine, but I have none.  What I do have is a 'beach comb' (buy one here - not being paid for that) which I have had for just about ever (meaning, over 10 years).  This helps eliminate stretching to the point of breaking hair off, you aren't roughing up the cuticle.  You are keeping your hair pretty, shiny and over time will have less breakage in general.

Did you know I used to be platnium blonde?  Well I was.  Currently I am my natural hair color with a few highlights.  But truth be told, even when I was a platnium blonde, I had minimal breakage.  All breakage that happened was from the chemicals, and was kept to a minimum because my girl Sam knows what she is doing.

What happens when my hair is snarly? Well I take a shower, shampoo it up, condition it down, let it set while I tend to other things, and then comb it out, and rinse. When I dry my hair, I like the air to do it's work, if I don't have time for that, then I will use a little heat protectant, and blow dry it out to about 80%, comb it,  and call it a day.  I am fortunate to have hair that wants to be straight (most of the time).  So I don't blow dry it 100% generally by the time I reach my destination, my hair is dry.
What is your favorite hair care item or hair styling tool?

For the record: I am blogging about this promotion to receive a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing said blog post.  All thoughts and opinions about the store, mentioned blog post and products are mine, and mine alone.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Words for Wednesday : Anticipating the Weekend

My little sister is having her birthday gathering this Saturday.  And it's my favorite type of party - one where I get to bring something!

I have so many ideas on what I should bring!!!  Should I bring some Creamy Cucumber Salad, Broccoli Salad, Rice Krispy Bars, Oreo Truffles?  Maybe I bring a fresh Veggie Pizza thing!? I have no idea!  I just sent at text to her asking if cake/dessert/treats were covered.  There will be hot dogs/buns provided, option to bring your own meat.

I mean, think about it, there will probably be a bunch of bags of chips and probably pasta salad, because they are so easy to bring! 

Maybe I bring a beverage to share?  I have no idea!  Here is the little crummy thing though: I have to go to a baby shower at 1 on Saturday, and this party starts at 4 or shortly there after.  So that means, I need to be ready and out my door by like 10, so I can bring my stuff to my Dad's and then go to the baby shower.

It will all be fine though.  Once I figure out what I am going to make!

Any suggestions or ideas?

I am completely open right now.  Friday however, I will not be, I better lock and load by then so I can go to the grocery store on my way home so I can make whatever it is I decide upon!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Update : RELAXING!

I had a fantastic weekend, I hope you did too!

Here's the rundown:
Saturday I woke up, got my food ready for the Stamp Out Hunger food drive.  It was super easy, they give you an empty bag a few days in advance, you fill it with good dated non perishables, and then set it out on the day selected, and the postal workers pick it up! 

How easy!  Anyways, so I did that, and then went to the gym, hung out on the Dreadmill for a bit, came home, showered, grabbed the hubster and went to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market to pick up some plants for our garden.  I ended up putting them in the window sill until later this week, because it is supposed to freeze tonight(and then warm up to 90!).

While we were there we saw this guy that we had met a couple years ago giving away sample tastes of Mean Green at our local Cub Foods.  We ended up buying 2 bottles.  He has you try it on a piece of french bread, and I swear, I would be just fine the Mean Green like that.

While we were at the Farmer's Market it was frozen raining on us for a brief moment.  Where they would have been rain drops, except that they froze, and never thawed by the time they landed on Earth.

After that we came home, unloaded our stuff, I tried to take a nap, the Hubster went and got a haircut, called me up, and we headed to Menards to pick up some stuff to add to the soil since ours gets so dry and crumbly.  We also ended up picking up a cheap table and chair set for our deck, since I really like to eat outside, it is basically a necessity.

After Menards we went out to eat at the Lone Spur Bar and Grill, where I had a Coronarita!  I at first only ordered a water, however the Hubster was upset that I wasn't drinking.  (what a weirdo)

The drink was only $10. But think about it.  It's a margarita, and a 12 oz. beer.  The Hubster's 2 beers were $12 or something.

Then we napped.  Well, I basically went to bed for the night, he napped, and watched NASCAR. Gross.  Glad I slept through that.

Sunday we woke up, and I scooted over to Caribou for their BOGO offer for Mother's Day.  When I got back the Hubster was washing dishes. He sat down with me to finish watching CBS Sunday Morning, and then we started moving around. 

We finished up the dishes, then moved outside to the deck to take care of the climbing vines from last year's Morning Glory's, 4 o'clocks and Moon Flowers.  And to set up our new deck set.  We grilled Corn on the cob (in it's husk) from the Market, potatoes and chicken.  

It was a particularly lovely day! 

How was your weekend?!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

TC1Mile - 2013

This is probably my most favorite running event. 

The Twin Cities 1 Mile.  Like their slogan says "It's just 1 Mile."  And I love it.  You run down a pretty flat 1 mile stretch in Minneapolis, on the Nicollet Mall, which is generally open only to buses and pedestrians, and is supposed to be pretty popular for a Farmer's Market(in the Spring/Summer) and shopping.  It also has the Holidazzle Parade from the day after Thanksgiving through New Years or something, which is pretty fun too (read: cold and bundle up)!

One thing to note, there is the IDS Tower as well.  It was constructed to allow for 6" of movement at the top of the building to allow for the winds and what nots.  I will say this, it's pretty creepy to be on the sidewalk staring up, seeing the building move. I swear you can see it move.

At any rate, this is the 5th year in a row that I have completed the 1 Mile Race.  I was hoping to beat my best time of 11.22 *I know, this is not fast*.  But I failed, by 7 seconds.  Which is a little irritating, and I am a little sad with myself for not making my goal.  But I finished.

Here is a photo from before the race, in the photo are two of my friends from work.  Sarah and Karen have both completed the race 3 times I believe.. I know Sarah took at least 1 year off being pregnant, or post partum, or something.  And Karen, well, I know she has done this with me at least two times. 

Sarah, Me, Karen
 It was cold.  Like 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  With a wind.  I had to go pick up a sweet long sleeve shirt before I went down, since I only brought a running tank top and a layering tank to wear.  At least the shirt was on clearance for $11 at Target.

I did have running capri's and running pants to choose from.  It had been 60 degrees, sunny and no wind the day before!  I picked up the running pants last night at Kohl's on clearance for $15.  I couldn't love them anymore than I do already.  I think they are super awesome! What are your thoughts on my super sexy pants?

They make me smile, and because of the color pattern on it, any lumps or bumps are pretty well camouflaged.

What is even more funny, that after I was done watching Scandal tonight, I was just watching the news as I typed this, and they covered the TC1Mile.  Guess who made the news?  That's right, this one!  Well, not me specifically, but a crowd of people running.. I just happen to be able to spot myself in a crowd, not sure why.

What is your favorite running event?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dinner : Spaghetti and Garlic Knots!

Yesterday I came across this blog post for Garlic Knots by Baking in my Bathing Suit.  It was snowing outside (I know... in May. How gross!).  And I really needed some comfort food. (Comfort food - see pasta, white bread, carbs.)

Everyone at work seems to be bringing salads right now.
I had my salad packed and ready to go for lunch, and it wasn't seemingly all that appealing.  But I ate it anyways.  Since I was so good about eating 'right' for lunch, I decided I should be able to splurge for dinner, at least a little bit.

And her Garlic Knots looked DELICIOUS! (plus I hate vampires).  Well, maybe I do not hate vampires.  But I do not feel like meeting any, any time soon.
Ready for the oven!
Let's just say that I perhaps am quite inept at making knots with dough. I can tie my shoes with relative ease - but those are tied in bows!

Right out of the oven, last brushing of garlic butter mixture.
Don't they look tasty?  They smelled wonderful too!  I had to hold myself back from trying one straight out of the oven, trying not to burn my tongue (which always happens with pizza!).

Heading to the table!
They made it to the plate (mostly).  Not going to lie, there were a few casualties.  But they were devoured with care and consideration (you know, so that I did not burn my tongue!).

This morning I woke up to a text from the hubster's brother, thankfully none of our snow that fell stuck around.  In Southern Minnesota however, the story is quite different.  A total of 10" fell. So glad we are heading down tonight for a 'Wild Ladies Night Out'. (I know, on a Thursday??)

Please note, I do not drink Coors
I am the odd duck out every time I go down there (if the girls are not drinking wine anyways).  I am currently dabbling with some Smartini in the Pomegranate flavor.  1.5 oz has 34 calories.  I fill a glass with ice, top it with Sprite Zero, and a splash or two or the Smartini. It is pretty tasty, but it's only 25 proof.  (not nearly as tasty as my Cherry Rum at 42 proof - or Bacardi Torched Cherry-no idea on proof. Did you check out how I make the Torched Cherry Lemonade? Basically lemonade with a splash of Torched Cherry, splash of grenadine, and a cherry, oh summer, how I wish you would come soon..)

Do you have any low calorie favorites to share?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Words for Wednesday : Softball

Yesterday I went to the gym, did a little C25K, and then the Body Works Class.

Apparently there is another girl in the class that is on the Dreadmills before class.  And I mean, really, why not?  You already had to get up early for the class, what's an extra 35 minutes on a Dreadmill?

After class I was feeling energetic and thinking I would run outside before softball since our coach person scheduled a scrimmage at 7:15pm. I don't work/play on this team near home, so that means I will hang out at work until 6:30pm to head on over.. I never went running. I floated on the Internet instead.

At any rate. I got my money for the shirts, the league fees and went.  We were completely unorganized. That makes me bonkers.  We spent about 3 minutes (low balling) before we went to the field each time, trying to figure out who goes where.  Super annoying, and pretty embarrassing.  At the end of it, I said I would email everyone and ask their positions so I could compile a list to make it easier on future games. (Please note, I worked with the 'coach' 4-5 years ago. I didn't think this would be a problem.) Everyone was like cool.  'Coach' didn't say no..

But he didn't say yes either. 

When I sent out the email asking for everyone:

Hello fellow team mates–
I was wondering if you could email me your positions that you play,
Rank them 1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice.

I will compile them in a list, so that it may be easier for our future games.

Thank you!

'Coach' was mad and told me to recall the message.  He is a very disorganized person, and I swear I wasn't trying to be rude or overstep my bounds, as this was supposed to be a team.  LONG story short, he wanted me to recall the message.  I said no. He replied all to disregard my email:

Hello All,

Please disregard Amy’s email.
Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns about where you would like to play. 


He then replied to me saying:

I am trying to make sure everyone is having fun and is treated fairly.  I just don’t need you undermining everything I do.  What you are doing could divide the team, and I can’t have that.

There is more, and of course I can edit how ever I want.  This is my blog anyways.  But that is the gist. I did apologize after his first email to me to recall the message saying I wasn't trying to upset or offend him, that I am a very detailed and organized person by nature, and had time available to do this for our team.

He gave me this B.S. back at the end saying, hey I have this with my Wife (which no one knew existed as a GF or Wife due to his overly flirtatious manners), and that he and she would be missing a couple so he wanted to let me and some other person step in for that week, would I be willing to do that?

Uh, H-to the E- to the double hockey stick - no.

I am actually just thinking about not showing up.  I have little to no respect for him.  I actually went to the scrimmage/practice what those feelings, but knowing that, I tried to be open to it all.  He is a jerk in general, and I probably shouldn't be there. Just write my $30 as a loss.

Maybe it is all my fault for how it is all going down.  The other team (being a company team) had plenty to say back in their areas about the scrimmage and dis-organization. (People talk.)  They also had plenty to say while I was playing catcher waiting for the rest of the team to find their field assignments for our turn.

You have any suggestions/thoughts for me?