Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bunny Butt Cake!

Today is my former neighbor's birthday party.  I used to be, I swear as creepy as it sounds, best friends with her when she was 3, and I was like 13.  So weird.  She turns 21 today.  This is also my Fiance's best friend's little sister.  His best friend is the reason why we met. Or well, more specifically, his best friend's parents are the reason why we met, since they bought the house there 20 years ago.. Or maybe I should thank my mom's parents for building said house 40 years ago?  Another day.

Today we celebrate her birthday.  She is a HUGE animal lover, has an indoor bunny rabbit, which she is madly in love with. Her rabbit is potty trained, and they have a liter box and every thing.

I had seen a bunny butt cake on Pintrest. A long time ago - you know, Easter time.  But I really wanted to make one!  And now I had a reason!

I pretty much followed the recipe directions on the Betty Crocker website.  I didn't use any marshmallows, I made muffins for the tail and feet.  I didn't do any ears for my bunny friend.  I used a bake and fill cake pan for the body.

To frost my friend, I slathered on the canned vanilla frosting, and just tapped it with a butter knife to make the peaks.  I took a little of the white frosting and tinted it pink with food coloring to make the feet.  I mean, the girl is turning 21, she should be drunk by the time I show up anyways.

What do you think?
As you can see, I probably should have done a crumb layer.  I also should have planned ahead, and decided to make this yesterday, so I could have picked up the eggs and frosting before 10am today.

I don't plan on staying at the party very late tonight, I have a 10Mile run tomorrow.  So, I will make an appearance, and head to bed at my dad's house, and get up at what.. 5 am?  ugh.  Why am I doing this tomorrow?!

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  1. Not bad. I like the alternate decorating option. I'm also Big on improvising. I happen to B a BIG fan of coconut on white cake so will probably stick 2 original recipe but if 4 some reason I don't have coconut or candy on hand...this is a terrific idea. Thanks Amy.