Monday, December 31, 2012

Manicure Monday : New Years

I am going to go to my friend's house tonight for New Years. She actually told me there is a 'no sequin' rule. I am not sure that I will be following it though... We will see.

I am not that impressed with my nails. The 2013 is good, but the paint drip thing- not the best, and it wasn't completely dry by the time I showered, so it smushed and I had to re-flatten it.

In other news, my resolutions for the year were simple: paint an accent nail every time I paint them (failed on this the week of Christmas, and Thanksgiving), wear earrings everyday- I did improve over last year at least, and the last one was to try, on average one new recipe per week. Which I did. I had started out the year by posting them on the facepage, but then my mate's aunt seemed to think we were in competition, which took the fun out of it. But based on photos I have on my phone, and recipes I remember, I made about 54 new recipes. So, that was successful! :)

I am still working on resolutions for 2013, have you figured out yours? Please share!!

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