Saturday, August 4, 2012

Colorado Peaches!

The peaches are here!
Fresh Colorado Peaches
They were fantastic, I ate 3 the day I bought them.  I set this bowl out on my desk, and people at first were reluctant to grab one, but then I walked away, and swoosh - 2 hours later, there were none left.

These are incredibly juicy, and no lie, I eat them over a sink or or while at work, over a garbage can.

I am going to pick up more, unfortunately with work being so hectic, I haven't been getting out of work on time, and then just want to go home.  I will make sure I get a bunch more though, I would like to try freezing some, and also make a lattice topped pie.  With store bought pie crust.

Last week because of the time I had to put in at work, the Boyfriend was in charge of chow for dinner.

He didn't do too bad, we had Cub's fried chicken deal on Monday, and then pizza, pork chops and kielbasa.  We didn't starve, which is always good.

Since we made it through the week in one piece, I treated him to the movies.  We saw Men in Black III.  It wasn't as good as I remember the first 2 movies, which is a little sad.

But what happened during the movie is what is more annoying. The gal next to me had just drenched herself in Este Lauder perfume, and after she had been eating her popcorn she stops, and busts out the scented anti-bacterial solution.  Okay, lady, public place, can you lay off the scents, it's not like I can walk away. 

And then there was the guy and his companion (maybe his kid, maybe not).  When something would happen (throughout the movie), he would tell his kid, see he just realized he needed to do that for this... MAN - stop it.  And then three-quarters of the way through, the kid person, put their feet up on the seat and basically shoved/kicked the Boyfriend in the shoulder.  My Boyfriend got pretty ticked, but handled it appropriately. 

Needless to say, the movie was okay, but the experience negated the movie a little more.

Have you ever had to shush a fellow movie goer?  How did you handle it?

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