Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cookies - 2 Ways

My Cookie Jar I found at Goodwill a few months ago!
The temperature has died down today, and I thought that was for sure a reason to start up and use the oven!    So I did.  I knew I had leftover white chocolate chips from when I made Magic Strawberry Ice Cream, and didn't have much to do with them.  I also *might* have opened up a bag of dark chocolate & mint chips.. so.. I should use those up too!

So I made up a batch and a half of Hershey's Chocolate Cookies, and split it in two batches.  I poured most of a bag of white chips in one bowl.  And then I poured most of a bag of Hershey's Dark Chocolate and Mint Chips into the other.  Formed them into balls (about 2 tbsp.) and then I pulled the dough ball apart turned the two halves a quarter turn, and pushed together to look like this:
Forming a rough edged cookie - changes the look of an end product!
By doing the pull - twist and push process, it makes it so the baked cookie doesn't look so store bought, but rather more like a home made cookie!  I did this with both batters, the White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookes, and the Dark Chocolate and Mint Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies.

White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookie
See the top of the cookie? It is not smooth like when you roll it in a ball and plop it on the sheet.

Here is a photo of the end product of the Dark Chocolate and Mint Chip cookies.  The flavor isn't bad, it kind of tastes like if you were to chop up Andes Mints and mix that into the batter.  Because of the mint, I think it makes it hard to eat these in multiples. But, that's not such a bad thing really.
Dark Chocolate and Mint Chip Chocolate Cookie
I have posted the recipes on my recipe page, check out some of the other items too!

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