Saturday, June 16, 2012

Patriot Ride 2012

Today was the Patriot Ride at Lion's Park in Ham Lake!

A look at not even a quarter of the bikes.

I must admit, I had never previously attended the ride.  My Dad has, my sisters (I have 2) have.  My niece and both nephews have also.  Not me though, which is a little odd, as I was the one in the family that spent the most time at this park playing softball.  Oh how I still, to this day, LOVE softball. :)
For anyone who does not know what the Patriot Ride is, let me give you a brief undetailed (slightly inaccurate) description:
About a Million bikers come together, in remembrance and honor of men and women that have served, and are serving for the US, as well as support their families.  There is a program and then the men and women participating on the motorcycle ride, head down the highway 2 by 2 to Cambridge, MN with a stop (I believe) on the way, and then they come together and have a bite to eat, and then head back to the park for a dance and celebration.

At any rate, it was slightly drizzling the whole morning.  I brought an umbrella, and never opened it.  It wasn't a hard enough drizzle to make me want to open it.  My dad and myself, like most everyone else there, walked around damp at best. 

The Helicopter!
 But it was a very nice time; they presented the colors, had about a half hour program.  There was a helicopter at the softball fields, that anyone could get in and explore, and took off prior to the start of the ride.  

After the program all the riders went over to their bikes, some put their rain gear on, and at about 11:50 or so the helicopter took off.  And as soon as the helicopter took off, the sun came out. 

Which made me feel bad for all the riders that had put on their rain gear in preparation of the ride.  Because when the sun came out - it was HOT!  I was damp, and at least the sun would dry my light weight shirt and jeans, but the people that were damp, and under rain gear, just seems like it would be a sauna under there.
Enjoy just a portion of the bikers going by below.  I am not even kidding you, this is not even close to the entire ride, it went by for about.. 45 minutes?  Granted there were a couple parts where there was a pause for like 4 minutes in between the three groups.  It is a powerful group and sight to see all of the bikers coming out to support the troops, and driving down the Highway.

Find out more about the MN Patriot Guard here.  Find out more about the MN Military Appreciation Fund here. See more Patriot Ride photos of the ride here.
Semi Truck with POW MIA paint job.
Personal note: my Dad's father (my grandpa) is a Veteran.  A former POW, who was MIA.  He came back, and started a family, which is how I have my dad(and aunt and uncles).  One story that I have heard (and there are very few, as my grandpa doesn't talk much about it) is that he ate raw potatoes that he stole when he was sent out to the field wile being held as a prisoner.

After the ride, I came back home, did a bunch of nothing.  Waited for the Boyfriend to get off of work and come home.  Which he eventually did, and we are starting our Saturday night off enjoying some adult beverages. 

Bacardi Torched Cherry Lemonade.  With a maraschino cherry!

Happy Saturday night people!

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