Monday, March 4, 2013

Manicure Monday : Light Pink

I have an interview on Tuesday!

I know, exciting right?  It is at the same company that I currently work, for a 'Project Coordinator' position, which is more aligned with my career goal of becoming a Meeting Planner with my current company.  It would be a very lateral move, but again, better aligned.

So with that in mind, I painted my nails a very muted light pink.  Profession, short nails, nothing flashy.

I would also like to say how I feel it is funny that people don't know the 'old school' way of handling follow up after an interview.  I had a friend that interviewed for a position.  After it, she was excited, and was like, well now I have to wait to hear if they like me!

Uh, correction friend.  You now need to bust out some thank you letters to these people. 

Do people now not write thank you letters/notes?  Really?

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