Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breakfast : French Toast!

I enjoy my weekends.  I really do!

They give me time to make a tasty breakfast, and take my day at a slower pace.

Today I made a super simple french toast.

First, I started with the sausage patties, and put them in the pan.

Then I took an egg, a little milk, and some cinnamon, dash of vanilla extract, and whisked it all together.  Once  the sausage was about done, I soaked a piece of bread in the egg mixture on one side for about 10 seconds, and then the other side.  Making sure that it had soaked up all it could.  I took the sausage out and put it on a piece of paper towels, and then put the french toast in the pan.  Let it brown, and then flipped it over until it was done.  It was delicious.

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