Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Words for Wednesday : Softball

Yesterday I went to the gym, did a little C25K, and then the Body Works Class.

Apparently there is another girl in the class that is on the Dreadmills before class.  And I mean, really, why not?  You already had to get up early for the class, what's an extra 35 minutes on a Dreadmill?

After class I was feeling energetic and thinking I would run outside before softball since our coach person scheduled a scrimmage at 7:15pm. I don't work/play on this team near home, so that means I will hang out at work until 6:30pm to head on over.. I never went running. I floated on the Internet instead.

At any rate. I got my money for the shirts, the league fees and went.  We were completely unorganized. That makes me bonkers.  We spent about 3 minutes (low balling) before we went to the field each time, trying to figure out who goes where.  Super annoying, and pretty embarrassing.  At the end of it, I said I would email everyone and ask their positions so I could compile a list to make it easier on future games. (Please note, I worked with the 'coach' 4-5 years ago. I didn't think this would be a problem.) Everyone was like cool.  'Coach' didn't say no..

But he didn't say yes either. 

When I sent out the email asking for everyone:

Hello fellow team mates–
I was wondering if you could email me your positions that you play,
Rank them 1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice.

I will compile them in a list, so that it may be easier for our future games.

Thank you!

'Coach' was mad and told me to recall the message.  He is a very disorganized person, and I swear I wasn't trying to be rude or overstep my bounds, as this was supposed to be a team.  LONG story short, he wanted me to recall the message.  I said no. He replied all to disregard my email:

Hello All,

Please disregard Amy’s email.
Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns about where you would like to play. 


He then replied to me saying:

I am trying to make sure everyone is having fun and is treated fairly.  I just don’t need you undermining everything I do.  What you are doing could divide the team, and I can’t have that.

There is more, and of course I can edit how ever I want.  This is my blog anyways.  But that is the gist. I did apologize after his first email to me to recall the message saying I wasn't trying to upset or offend him, that I am a very detailed and organized person by nature, and had time available to do this for our team.

He gave me this B.S. back at the end saying, hey I have this with my Wife (which no one knew existed as a GF or Wife due to his overly flirtatious manners), and that he and she would be missing a couple so he wanted to let me and some other person step in for that week, would I be willing to do that?

Uh, H-to the E- to the double hockey stick - no.

I am actually just thinking about not showing up.  I have little to no respect for him.  I actually went to the scrimmage/practice what those feelings, but knowing that, I tried to be open to it all.  He is a jerk in general, and I probably shouldn't be there. Just write my $30 as a loss.

Maybe it is all my fault for how it is all going down.  The other team (being a company team) had plenty to say back in their areas about the scrimmage and dis-organization. (People talk.)  They also had plenty to say while I was playing catcher waiting for the rest of the team to find their field assignments for our turn.

You have any suggestions/thoughts for me?


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