Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lunch : Perfect Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese. 

I get it, it's not hard.  My hubster and I make them differently.  He makes them as he is tossing pieces in the pan.  I assemble prior to heating up the pan.  I guess they both work decently.  But my way is better.  Because I said so.

Also, I will break up the Kraft Singles (and yes, I ALWAYS use the singles), to ensure that there is a really good gooey cheese ratio in each bite.  So this is how I roll.  I take the bread, butter the outer side, set it un-buttered side down on the plate, and then I take the matching piece, and I butter the outer side of that one, and set it butter side to butter side, break the cheese up and lay it out, and then do the same for any subsequent sandwiches I need to make.  Heat up the pan, and toss them in once at a time.

Once they are done, I cut them at a diagonal.  Basically because all sandwiches are better when they are in triangular form.

Of course I served it with tomato soup.  Duh.

Have you found a better way to make grilled cheese?  Let me know.

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