Friday, February 22, 2013

Dinner : Sushi For Lent!

I am not Catholic.  The Hubster is.  I try to be accommodating.  He pretends he is hugely in to his religion.  But does not go to church, I have tried to get him interested in trying one out, or remember much of how everything works in his religion, or well, the Bible in general.

So in honor of the Catholic faith, and my Husband, I choose to not eat 'meat' on Friday.  So, I set up to have sushi at home.  I stopped by Lund's on my way home, and bought up some Spring Rolls(which, if they do not have any out, you can ask them if they are there to make them!), California Rolls, and some Squid Salad.  Generally Wednesday is the day they have $4.99 sushi, but it's Lent.  And all of it is considered Fish right?

Don't you just love the Beer Mugs?  They are a little hard to see, but they are like a wine glass, inside a mug, so when you fill it with a liquid, it looks like wine!

Very cheeky.

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