Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hair We Go!

I am sure you have all heard of the 'ombré' look for hair by now, if you have not. Then I apologize. I let my friend do a variation of the look on my hair. She did a cross between 'dip dye' and 'ombré'.

There is nothing wrong with it. I just do not know how long I will keep it. I have had solid colored hair for about 8 months now, and think I have enjoyed it. And will probably go back to a solid color sooner than later, but, only because I don't know if I was truly ready for multi-tonal hair.

Sam is my stylist, she has been for 9(?) years I think.  She and I attended the same Beauty School, we both graduated, and started doing hair.  I never wanted to do it for a living, I was just taking a break from the 'corporate' world, and wanted to do something fun.

She, however, wanted this to be her career.  She set out with that in mind, and has worked hard to get to where she is now.  She has a fantastic space carved out in her lovely house, for her salon.  Shear Blonde.  Here is her Salon Facebook Page, and here is her StyleSeat page if you want to book an appointment.
You can see my before and after. Excuse the poor/blurry quality of the photos. My studly Hubster took them for me.

Have you ever tried something and decided that maybe you weren't ready for the change.. I mean, I think we all have chopped our hair off at some point, and regretted it 2 days later when we couldn't style it, am I right?

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