Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day!

Happy July 4th!!

My little sister's son is 2 today!  We had his birthday celebration on Sunday.  My sister made him a 'special' breakfast.  
Oatmeal with M&M's and raisins.
Growing up, birthdays were special.  You see, we always got to pick what was for dinner. 

And I am sure in most people's family; you get special privileges for your birthday.  My birthday is in September, and when I was growing up, we had a wood burning stove for heat.  And I really wanted it to snow.  And it DID!  (It was flurries that didn't stick, but still...) Since it was my birthday, I didn't have to help haul wood into the house. (Score 1 for me!)

Have you ever gone to a comedy club?  Well I have!  Since the Boyfriend had today off, he agreed to take advantage of the ACME Insiders Club promotion that was going on last night.  It's a pretty good deal.  You get 2 free tickets, and they have a dinner special at Sticks Restaurant, which you don't have to do.  This time it was steak and potatoes with choice of a domestic beer or glass of wine for $10 a plate.  We added on caesar salads for $1.25 a piece or whatever.  Pretty decent.

I have only been to the ACME Comedy Co. here in Minneapolis.  I have now been there 3 times. The first time was with the Boyfriend and a couple few co-workers.  The second time was with just a couple co-workers.  And now, the most recent time with the Boyfriend.

I would like to just point out.  You may watch those TV specials where there is a stand-up act on stage and the audience 'participates' with some good natured heckling.  That is actually frowned upon.  Who knew?  Definitely not this girl.  The first time I went, the comedian's phone started ringing on stage.  He was like, oh, who is calling me.  I yelled out (when I say 'yell' I mean it was loud enough to be heard, not really a yell)something along the lines of 'tell your mom to call back later'.  Some guy came over and was like "Ma'am, there is no heckling here, if you do it again, we will ask you to leave."  Oh, well, good to know. 

First off, don't call me ma'am.  I was like 28. Gosh. 

Second off, dude, this is what I thought you did.. my bad.   If I were a stand-up comedian, I would need the audience participation.

The Boyfriend asked the guy to get him a drink.  That is where they are bad though.  The waitresses are pretty crappy.  Last night we got 1 drink after about 15 minutes of being seated.  Good thing we had a little left from dinner in hour hands when we walked in.  No mind that she never came back after she delivered our drinks.

All in all, it was a great date night.  I got dressed up, slapped on some war paint, and the Boyfriend came home from work and changed his shirt, and threw on some AXE body spray.  Wish I were a guy.  I told him next time, I will go ahead and show him how I would really like to be treated when going on a date, he's gotten lazy.  I want some flowers that will die in like 5 days, and someone to open my friggn' door.  Do a little role reversal on him.

It is hot here in the midwest, as well as everywhere else apparently.  I do not feel like going out.  The Boyfriend has no interest in going to the beach.  Let's be honest, I am not a 'beach' person really either.. but it's hot.  So we haven't left the house.  I made a couple of iced cold brewed coffee's for us - even skipping the 2 mediums for $4 at the local Caribou because I LOVE my cold brew so much.

We will see what else we do, we are going to have to eat sometime.. maybe pick up some Jimmy John's or Subway and go melt in a park somewhere.  I should probably research some fireworks displays..

Here's a photo from last night (he didn't even shave..).

Date Night!

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