Sunday, July 8, 2012

What a weekend!

Whew!  That was a lot for one weekend! 

On Friday night the Boyfriend took me out to the movies and we saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  I have this thing about movie theater popcorn (other than I LOVE it).  See, you get a large tub of popcorn, and they put the butter on top of it all, and then you add the popcorn salt. 

So you really only have butter and salt on say, maybe the top half of popcorn, leaving the rest to be less than super delicious. 

So, if it's not uber busy (and sometimes even when it is) I ask the clerk behind the counter to fill it half way, throw some delicious butter flavoring on it, and then top it off with more popcorn and butter!  The Boyfriend makes fun of me, but he is eating it up just as much as I am.   So I ask the kind clerk to do this for me, and not only is he happy to do it, he asks if I would like to put some of the popcorn salt on it before he adds in more popcorn.  WOULD I EVER!  So awesome! 

We grabbed our popcorn and sodas, and are walking away, and this other guy was like, you didn't do that for me.. ahaha.. I politely said you have to ask.  I am sure he was super jealous, I mean, if I were him, and he were me, I (beign him) would be jealous too!

The movie was okay - there was a lot of action in it, which was a little surprising.  The grand speech Snow White gives was a little bit of a let down, certainly not Brave Heart material. 

After the movie the Boyfriend brings me to Tuttle's near our house.  I like the place.  They have a nice bar, and the waitstaff is friendly.  And they always refill my beer in a reasonable time.  The new thing that they have been doing is live music.  When we first got there, I was quite iffy if I wanted to stay.  I have no idea what they were singing, but it wasn't good.  So the Boyfriend and I sat on the patio. 

But then a Blues Band came on.  They were really good! The name was Glass Houses: Modern Dance Rock.  I can't find them on this fancy interweb, so I can't link to them, but they were great!  Eventually the Boyfriend said we had to go, I still hadn't made my individual cheesecakes for the reunion, and it was around 11 o'clock.  So I reluctantly left.

Once we got home, I started making the cheesecakes.  You would like a picture huh?  Unfortunately due to not being completely sober, they didn't look the greatest.  They tasted just fine, but it was late, I was lazy.  Basically what I did, was I made the Jello brand no bake cheesecakes, and made them like cupcakes. 

Had I thought it out better, I probably would have made mini cupcake size.  Either way, I used a shot glass to pack in the graham crackers, and then spooned the stiff mixture on top.  Kind of mashed the filling in each cupcake wrapper, put them in the freezer, and called it night.

The next morning, I was moving kind of slow, just more of being tired I think than anything else.  We got our start for the 2.5 hour drive an hour later than I had wanted.  But we made it.

I put out the cheesecakes, and as I was waiting in the chow line, I over heard someone say, what are those things?  I didn't turn around, but another girl said, they are cheesecakes.

So, at least 1 out of 3 people knew what they were.

There were a ton of people!  My Aunt's kids showed up, she had 4 - they brought their kids, and my cousin from one of my uncles was there too.  So I knew about 15 people.  Everyone kind of stuck to themselves.  Which is fine I guess.  Pretty sure once the people my grandparent's age die off, no one will go to these things any more.

The Boyfriend and I stayed till around 9:30 or so, and then made the trek home.  All of the cousins that showed up were tenting out and spending the night, I was tired, and really just wanted to come home.

So we did.

We got home around midnight.  And woke up today in our own bed.  I do enjoy waking up knowing that I do not have to go anywhere.  Husky (my cat) was happy too, it gave him a comfy place to hang out while we watched Sunday Morning.  I really like that show, lots of different stories that they cover.  Look at my pretty kitty!

Husky on a lazy Sunday morning.
Husky is some sort of an abandoned mixed cat.  He is really pretty.  His life story - he was found with his brother in a snow fort in January (in Minnesota) with a dish of frozen milk.  So you know some parent didn't want these kittens, and the kids were trying to do whatever their little kid minds could come up with. 

I am glad someone grabbed them and they found their way to PurrsnicKitty Cat Rescue.  I found this guy on the same week I had to put my GiZmO down.  Miss him still...  But either way..  I just found his adopted page - you can see him as a kitten here (his was previously known as Cema)!  I guess they have him down as a domesitc short hair-mitted siamese?  I am pretty sure he is a long haired cat though.

I should probably head out to go buy some groceries.  Our cupboards are starting to look like Old Mother Hubbard's. 

Have you adopted a pet before?  How long did you wait before getting a new pet to fill the space of one lost?

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