Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trying out the Blogger App

So, when I was putting in some research on blogs, I wanted to know the best App to help with posting or editing of said blog.

Blogger got the best reviews. Don't get me wrong, it has some negative feedback. Some of the feedback made me wonder what the heck these people were trying to do. I honk they were literally trying to only update or post to their blogs via a mobile device. Which I have no problems with that idea. But I think they didn't want to set up a blog with a laptop/desktop, but instead start the new blog from scratch entirely on the mobile device.

I started my blog on a laptop, so we will see how the posts look as I use the Blogger App. Hey, I might even hate it too!

I am basically just looking for something that maintains the parameters I already set for blog posts so I can be super savvy and blog on the go.

I just added a photo, and I am pretty sure it will just add it to the end o the post. Which I guess is fine. I am pretty darn sure though, that I could just go on later and move said photo to a position in the post that I more favor.

The photo is of one of the last of the stargazer lilies that popped back up this year. The Boyfriend and I didn't plant or tend to the garden this year, and I just kind of said whatever happens, happens. So it is filled with weeds, the raspberry and blackberry bushes, a couple of rhubarb plants, about 5 satgazand and a couple of baby trees. I think once they are done blooming, I am going to dig up the garden, and lay a black piece of vinyl or tarp over it and try to kill everything.

Do you have any suggestions for a mobile blogging tool? It suggestions on how to regain control of an out of control garden? Do share!!

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