Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is April?


I do not believe it.  It was an hour long car ride home - AFTER I cleared the 4" of snow off my car.  At least the commute was only double.  Good thing I left early.  I took this picture as just before I started clearing our sidewalks/driveway:

I sent it to one of my boss' who is starting his trip back to MN from India on vacation.  They say they are predicting another 4" over night.  Tomorrow's commute I don't think will be affected. 

Which is good.

Because I am going out with my little sister for happy hour, and then going out with one of my friends.

Tonight is Pizza night.  The Hubster said he was going to make homemade pizza.  He has never made a pizza before.  I don't see it happening anyways.  He will forget or something..

I am a little sore right now as I did the 'Body Works Plus Abs' this morning after 25 min on Mr. Dreadmill.  And the Thursday lady, she ALWAYS forgets to count or something. I was watching the clock today, and she did about 5 minutes on each move.

Yes, you read that right. 5 MINUTES!

Are you kidding me?  5 minutes of 'dead lifts' or whatever, is ri-dic. For realz. BUT I finished through.  I mean, I grabbed the light weights (2 lbs.) so I could , but whatever. I knew I was in for a long boring class.

At any rate - How do you make it through a tedious class?  Any tips?

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